Headmistress’s Desk

“What better discipline than the daily and hourly performance of duty?  What better path towards progress and enlightenment we are striving for than the daily conquest of the self?”

To lead a full life one has to be knowledgeable and sensitive and education in true sense helps a person to become so.  It makes him more self sufficient and  develops his or her inner resources  to lead a rich and rewarding life. A person who  never lets his inquisitiveness die always explores fresh fields and pastures new.  It takes him to greater and greater heights of wisdom and the lofty status of a human being.

At the same time, it helps him to inculcate the eternal and  everlasting values of sweet speech, concern for others, compassion for the grief-stricken, mercy for the wrong doer, fellow feeling of a high order, love for the country and for the entire mankind at large.  Ultimately it becomes a means of transformation, not only from without but also from within.

We at Raman MunjalVidyaMandir are committed to impart such type of holistic education to our children and to make them the  global citizens of tomorrow. I feel grateful to all the stakeholders for their unstinted support and faith in us and reaffirm my pledge to work tirelessly and to lead our children on the path of greatness.

These words of H. W. Beawer would guide us throughout life- Every action on the path of goodness is a step towards the door to heaven.