Pre Primary and Primary School Education

Learning at primary level takes place collaboratively. Their interdisciplinary lesson plans give equal importance to scholastic and co-scholastic activities and help students to learn concepts through play way. The well knitted programme focuses on child centric classrooms that promote inquiry and experimental learning .We are committed to create fabulous childhood memories with activities that stimulate imagination, creativity, decision making and problem solving.

Middle School Education

Middle school encourages students to be academically strong and analytical in approach. The course equips them with resources and skills that teach them to work individually as well as collaboratively and take responsibility of their own learning. The curriculum includes a range of integrated exploratory programmes that support project based activities and in group presentations.

Senior School Education

The teaching pedagogy in higher classes is proactive and active involvement of every student in the class is ensured. Students are groomed for better results under individual attention of our senior academic faculty.Learning in these classrooms takes place through discussions, investigations, case studies, project work, periodic tests, problem solving and other interactive activities.


To foster reading habit among the students, we have a well stocked library. The school subscribes to a wide range of periodicals, journals, magazines and encyclopedias. Every year, the library is updated with new editions. Library is accessible to students as per their convenience. Besides, each class has a specific slot for library in the time table.


Music has a great significance to generate love, compassion and sympathy, therefore, it is an essential part of our curriculum. The flight of imagination transcends all barriers when children enter the world of music. The school orchestra group fills the atmosphere with charm and gaiety with its musical rendition on all occasions.

Art & Craft

Our students get ample opportunity to foster aesthetic skills. The room gives them a space to let their imagination run free and create vibrant and colourful peace of art. They leash out their creativity in the form of drawings, paintings, art and craft work which are exhibited from time to time to encourage them.

PHYSICS Laboratory

Physics Laboratory is an open laboratory to cater to inter-disciplinary experimentation. The lab is equipped with instruments that allow structural experimentation by students. It allows gaining hands –on experience with instruments and apparatus that affords them unfettered opportunity to experiment.

CHEMISTRY Laboratory

The school has a spacious and a well-equipped Chemistry Laboratory. The laboratory has a wide range of chemicals and apparatus that help in enriching the learning of the students. Students get hands-on experience while performing experiments. Under the guidance of teachers, students not only learn concepts related to the subject but they also develop observation, analytical and logical skills. Students are provided opportunities to undertake projects outside their curriculum.

BIOLOGY Laboratory

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand..”. Believing    learning is by indulging all senses, we have a spacious laboratory for our students with different preserved specimens, a wide range of permanent slides, light microscopes and different biological models for a lasting learning. The Biology laboratory with its wide range of equipment, specimens and models serves as an excellent platform for learning and experimentation.

General Science Lab

We have a well-equipped lab for the junior and middle level students for practical experimentation of concepts learnt in class. The lab is equipped with all necessary tools, equipment and apparatus for carrying out experiments to satiate the curious minds.

Computer Labs

The labs are well equipped with the latest state of the art facilities to enable students to explore the world beyond text and to meet the challenges of the modern competitive world.There are separate Computer Labs for Primary, Middle and Senior students well-equipped with high end systems connected through Windows 7 fully equipped for multimedia applications with all necessary software.

Social Science Lab

To impart practical value to Social Science , we have well equipped Social Science Lab where an array of activities is conducted to generate interest and enthusiasm in the subject. Very effective, hands on and virtual lab tools enable them to perform experiment and learn practically.

Maths Lab

In the Maths lab, children perform mathematical experiments and solve mathematical puzzles and project work that helps to break the monotony of the regular classroom teaching. The activities designed are so interesting that children overcome the phobia for Maths and develop a fascination for numbers

Language Lab

Language Lab provides practice in an entertaining and interactive way to acquire the four main language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students learn more comprehensively through the language lab, using more class time to achieve these three main objectives.

Sports & Games- Sound mind in a Sound Body

Physical fitness through sports is a way of life at RMVM. School has a vast sports complex with well laid Cricket pitch, hard surface Basket ball court, Badminton court, Volley ball court, Skating court, Table Tennis court, Throw ball court etc. School also offers facilities for Athletics Martial Arts , Chess, Yoga and other indoor games. A well stocked indoor sports centre with an exercise room is a great attraction.

Multipurpose Hall

The Multipurpose Hall of the school can accommodate around three hundred fifty students who can learn lessons which require audio & visual input. The air-conditioned Multipurpose Hall with comfortable seating arrangement is used for holding conferences or seminars whereby interaction & deliberations on varied topics is carried out effectively.

Medical Room

To provide emergency care for illness and injury while at school, we have a medical room with nursing assistant to provide First Aid facility to the students.

School Transport

For the safe and secure commuting of the students we have a fleet of buses covering the areas in and around Bhiwadi, Dharuhera, Sidhrawali, Tauru, Manesar, Bilaspur, Malpura and Rewari.

Medical Checkup

Complete medical checkup of students is conducted. A proper health card is maintained and parents are updated about the child’s medical needs. School campus has in-house medical facilities for immediate attention to handle first aid.

Rewarding Merit

To acknowledge the hard work of the students, the school management awards the scholarship to class XII toppers scoring more than 90% in each stream and the toppers of class X.