Pre Primary Wing

The Pre Primary Wing is the stepping stone which caters to Pre Nursery to UKG classes. Early childhood education is the foundation of all future learning. The school offers students the highest quality education through an innovative child – centric curriculum. The aim is to foster holistic development of each student at all levels by promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and every activity in school develops self-confidence, instils a joy of learning, and creates environment for independent thinking.

  • Learning is made interesting by a fun-oriented plethora of activities
  • Encouraging students to participate in activities such as drawing and colouring, writing, group games, clay modeling, puzzles, flashcards, and conversations.
  • Communication skills are focused on the dramatization of stories and rhymes
  • Children learn to comprehend through a multi-sensory approach as concepts in Number Work, English, and EVS are made clear through the use of audiovisual aids
  • Celebrations of festivals, nature walks and regular educational excursions develop a sense of openness toward the world.

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