Middle Wing

The Middle Wing comprises classes VI-VIII catering to the age group of 11 – 14 years. Middle school can be considered as the transition phase for students who have been used to looking up to a facilitator for anything they require. These students become young individuals by stepping into the middle wing where they learn to acquire resources independently.

Fostering a Nurturing Environment
To provide students with a more holistic understanding of the world around them inter disciplinary teaching that involves the integration of two or more subject areas into a single lesson or project is followed. This teaching method emphasizes the inter connectedness of different subject areas and develops a wider perspective to analyse and process information.
Acquiring in-depth Conceptual Knowledge
Students are given an independent and diverse learning environment that empowers students to take charge of their own learning, while also providing them with a wide range of resources and opportunities to explore their interests and passions. It fosters creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills and prepares students for success in a rapidly changing and complex world.
Groups Learning and art integration
Activity-based teaching pedagogies are used to enable students to apply what they learn in classrooms to real-world situations. This makes the teaching learning process more meaningful and insightful. The curriculum incorporates a variety of activities that engage students’ senses, including visual, auditory and kinesthetic to cater to needs of different learners.
Value Education at Core of Every Activity
As students in middle school are transitioning from childhood to adolescence and face many new challenges and experiences, we provide them an environment where they accept these changes and build a positive and healthy relationship with their peers. By providing opportunities for self-reflection, building positive relationships, developing resilience, fostering leadership skills, teaching social skills, encouraging creativity and emphasizing character development, educators can help students develop into well-rounded individuals.