Pre Primary Wing

The Pre Primary Wing is the stepping stone which caters to Pre Nursery to UKG classes. Early childhood education is the foundation of all future learning. The school offers students the highest quality education through an innovative child – centric curriculum. The aim is to foster holistic development of each student at all levels by promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Every activity in school develops self-confidence, instills a joy of learning, and creates an environment for independent thinking.
Stimulating imagination and aesthetics
Developing gross and fine motor skills in kindergarten is important for a child’s physical development and overall well-being. To develop coordination, balance, strength, hand-eye coordination and control a fine blend of outdoor and activities are organized in preprimary classes.
Engaging and Fun Teaching
Puppets and storytelling are valuable tools to encourage children to use their imagination and engage in conversations. As they listen and participate in the story, they learn new words, sentence structure and expressions. This also helps them to know about different cultures, traditions and values.
The More I Do, The More I Know
Students are imparted basic numeracy, linguistic and environmental skills. To make learning fun and engaging for children hands-on activities, games and songs are widely used to teach them the fundamental knowledge. These skills help children learn to read, write and communicate effectively.
Integrated and Thematic Approach

The curriculum is organised around specific themes or topics to generate the interests of the learners. These thematic approaches provide a meaningful and integrated context for learning and also ensure the active participation of students.