Primary Wing

The Primary wing is the second stepping ladder which caters to Grades I-V. The Primary school ignites the young minds with the right knowledge and skills for a bright future. The curriculum at this level is a balance of curricular subjects and co-curricular activities aiming at the holistic development of a child’s personality.

Students learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process rather than simply listening to lectures or reading texts. Activity-based learning approach focuses on engaging students in hands-on activities and experiences to help them better understand concepts and develop skills. It can help students retain information better, develop important skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving, improve their communication and teamwork abilities, and increase their motivation and engagement in the learning process.

Developing cognitive skills in kindergarten is crucial for a child’s overall development. Cognitive skills are the mental abilities that allow a child to process information, think critically and solve problems. Children are given enough opportunities to explore, observe, create, ask questions, do new tasks and solve problems.

Developing values and attitudes in kindergarten is just as important as developing academic and cognitive skills. Children at this age are learning how to interact with others and are developing their own sense of self. We create a positive and supportive learning environment by modeling and reinforcing the right values and attitudes they need to succeed in life.

Relationships foster a sense of belonging, which is an important basis for learning. We design learning opportunities where students with differing skills and achievements learn together and take responsibility for both individual and group achievement. They also allow students space to feel seen and heard, which impacts student performance.