Safety and Security

We at RMVM are committed to provide all our students a safe and conducive environment with vigilant and caring staff, supported by an efficient administrative system to ensure high safety standards.

Safety Measures  for COVID – 19

Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) For Visitors

  • Entry in premises after thermal scanning only.
  • Sanitization of hands and wearing of Face Mask is mandatory.
  • Follow social distancing in school campus.
  • Maintain hand hygiene.
  • In case of any symptoms of COVID 19 like cough, fever or difficulty in breathing , please do not visit school.
  • Install & use Aarogya Setu App .

Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) For Students

  • Students must submit consent/declaration before coming to school to their class teacher.
  • Sanitization of hands and wearing of Face Mask is mandatory.
  • Students should follow the social distance norms while entering/leaving the Classroom/Lab/Library .
  • Maintaining social distancing is mandatory.
  • Students must carry their own stationery items (e.g. calculator, pen, books, etc.) while coming to attend the class. Sharing of such items is prohibited.
  • While passing through corridors or doorways avoid touching the wall, railings, door or other surfaces. If required, use elbows to push door to open. Those taking support of railings at the staircase may wash their hands / use hand rub after touching common surfaces.
  • Students must carry their own safety and sanitization resources. Sharing of such resources is prohibited.
  • Anybody with any symptoms of COVID 19 like cough, fever or breathing difficulty shall immediately seek medical assistance.
  • Personal protection items such as masks, gloves, etc. should be disinfected using the disinfectant solutions made available in the washrooms in the campus before putting in waste bin.
  • Students should avoid the group formation while using common facilities and at general places.
  • It is advised to bring minimal things from home. But they may carry a spare face mask, hand sanitizer, personal water bottle etc.
  • Students should maintain proper hygiene in the classroom.

General Safety Measures

  • Round the clock security of the campus
  • Whole school including the periphery under CCTV Surveillance
  • Staff members well versed with the guidelines under POCSO ( Protection of Children against Sexual Offences)
  • Biometric attendance of all the staff members
  • Mandatory checks for all the outsiders at the entrance gate
  • Fire fighting system in each building
  • Central PA system in both Senior and Junior wing
  • Female attendants in all the buses plying for junior wing
  • Mandatory for parents to carry parent I-card to pick up a child during school hours
  • Regular workshops and counselling sessions for students creating awareness about bullying, stranger safety and other forms of physical/sexual abuse
  • Display of Emergency helpline numbers at various spots in the school for the help of the students in case of an emergency
  • Suggestion/Complaint boxes at each floor in the school